Growing Home

The Legacy of Kootenay Elders

Celebrate the lives, cultures and creativity of Kootenay elders

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About the Book

About the Book

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Where to Buy

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About the Author

About Growing Home

Open the door; step inside. The kettleā€™s on, and there are stories to be told that will nourish your own personal journey with aging.

Join Lee Reid as she steps across thresholds and into the lives of West Kootenay elders to hear tales of courage and resilience, creativity and humour, and knowledge gleaned from lives well lived. Illustrated with vibrant photography, Growing Home brings alive the pioneer spirit of elders living in the valleys and villages of this wild and beautiful region of Southeastern British Columbia. Shaped as they are by disparate experiences, these lives have in turn shaped the culture of their communities with generous measures of wit and wisdom.

Come, take a walk through the garden.

Growing Home is about spring planting and fall harvest, and about the meals served and the tales told around the kitchen table. Liberally spiced with garden lore and great advice, recipes and cooking tips, this book invites you to roll up your sleeves, pull up a chair, open your heart and dig in.

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Words of Appreciation

“When I read the stories of other seniors, I realized that I was not alone with all that I had been through. I felt connected to everyone in Lee’s book. The stories made me feel I was part of the community.”

“I am reading very slowly, so that I can savour each story. There is so much wisdom and learning for all ages about how to live with courage and creativity in Growing Home.”

“When Lee read aloud the life story of Doukhobor Shirley Relkoff, you could have heard a pin drop. I have never seen an audience so rapt, and I felt moved to tears.”